Wednesday 15 April 2015

PST (Elementary) Executive Council Open Positions

The Parents support team is an informal group of parents who volunteer to provide opportunities to support and sponsor various activities during the school year. 

Some of the activities that are organize by the PST are:

Hot Lunch Program
Toonie Tuesday
International Day
Eid Celebrations
Talent Show
Annual BBQ and Family fun day
Teacher's appreciation day
Bake sale

For the school year starting n September (2015-2016) the PST needs Abraar parents to fill up the positions in the Executive council. Without the Executive council, there will be no PST and the above activities will not be organized.

We are very hopeful that Abraar parents will step up and join the PST and the student activities and programs will continue in the same way they have been going on all these years insha’Allah.

If you are interested in any of the below positions please email

Please read below for details on the positions in the executive council.

Parent Support Team: The Basics
What is the PST?
The parent support team is an informal parent group that offers assistance to the school administration in enriching the educational experience of students at the Abraar School. It is comprised of volunteers and has in the past been involved in running the hot lunch program, organizing fun activities for students related to Eid, certain upgrades to the school’s facilities and more.
Can I participate?
Everyone who sincerely wants to help improve the school is welcome to join. In order to participate in the PST, you must agree to do so in a professional manner and not do or say anything that could harm the school or otherwise bring it into disrepute. You should guard as confidential any sensitive information you acquire as part of you work including, but not limited to, private information about students, teachers, staff, parents or other volunteers.
Is there an Executive Council?
While informal in nature, the group should choose members in the group to occupy the following executive positions: President, Secretary and Treasurer. All members of the executive council must be current parents / guardians of students in the school.   Members of the executive council will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
What are the members of the Executive Council responsible for?
The President is the main contact person for the school administration and the spokesperson for the team. He or she is responsible for: managing the logistics of the team; setting the date and time of PST meetings and open meetings for all parents; communicating and seeking approval from the school administration for plans and projects. All this should be done in consultation with members.
The Secretary is responsible for receiving and keeping all documents pertaining to the work of the team and recording the outcome of meetings. He or she is also responsible for passing this information to subsequent secretaries for use by the team.

The Treasurer is responsible for managing all financial / accounting matters pertaining to the work of the team. He or she must submit funds collected for deposit in the school’s bank account and request cheques for payment or reimbursement of expenses incurred. The Treasurer should keep records of all funds deposited / withdrawn in relation to the team’s activities.