Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Hot Lunch Volunteer Update

Asalamoalaikum Abraar Parents,

The PST would like to share with you a situation that happened on Friday, December 19th 2014.

There are a total of 5 parents who rotate each week for the Hot Lunch Program
Three volunteers are needed every hot lunch day to distribute Pizza/Fatayer to students.

Out of the 5 parents who have committed for the Hot Lunch Program,  2 were ill and 2 had left for vacation.  A PST mother was able to rush to the school from work to help out  and Sister Naida was also able to arrange for a second volunteer at the last minute.

Keeping in mind that there are 400 students and probably 800 parents, it is very sad that no more than 5 people have even agreed to volunteer.

The PST at this time is not prepared to carry out activities in the school. even the hot lunch program is very hard to execute with such a small team.

After the above mentioned episode, the PST has been rethinking the hot lunch program for next year.
We came very close to shutting it down this term, but for the sake of the children, we are giving it another try.

This message is a request to all parents to please step up and help us out. It is just 30 minutes of your time once per week.

Please click on the link below and let us know what date you can come.
PST Hot Lunch Volunteer