Monday 10 November 2014

PST Meeting and Hot Lunch Secondary school update

The Parents Support Team would like would like to invite ALL the Parents and staff at Abraar School to the Parents Support Team (PST) Meeting on 

Thursday Nov 13th @ 3:50pm at Abraar Elementary School (Fieldrow street) in the SK class. 

If you are interested in volunteering with the PST and the events it organizes please attend this meeting. The PST is looking for volunteers for the upcoming shows: Talent show, BBQ, Hot Lunch Program.

Hot Lunch in the Secondary School

The PST has received comments and suggestions from several secondary parents on starting the Hot Lunch program in the Secondary school. We would like to invite those parents, who are interested in starting this program and are ready to take a lead on it, to attend this meeting and ask any questions that they may have.
The current PST is more than ready to help them in taking this initiative and to share resources with them.
Dad's Day

Volunteers are needed to get this started. We need a male volunteer to take the lead on this. 

Mother -daughter night

Volunteers are needs to take a lead on this and to plan out the details.

Following is the Agenda for the meeting:

-Introductions and welcoming the New Volunteers
-Budget update
-Bake Sale and Supply closet update
-Twonie Tuesday conflict with Spirit day
-Hot Lunch 
-Hot Lunch for the Secondary School (with Secondary parents)
-Dad's day initiative - 
-Mother -daughter night
-Few words from the Chairperson on how we can ensure we have a smooth running year and deadlines are met.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.